When is my chihuahua ready for adult food?

I am picking up a new chi pup from a friend of mine. i have been able to see the pup weekly since she was born. As far as feeding i was told to keep the chi on puppy food for life? they are crunching on puppy food now but I have always thought that the pups should be changed over to adult food. This is my first chi but not my first toy breed ( i grew up with a mini dachsund) anyway any hints of tips would be greatly appreciated!

You asked a great question. I have 3 chis of my own, and have rescued over 20 chihuahuas, from puppies to seniors, I’ve never heard of keeping a dog on puppy food forever. Puppy food has more fat and protein, neither of which adult dogs need so much of. I would switch to a good brand of dog food for adult dogs once she reaches 1 year old. Some people think the only way to get small kibbles is to buy puppy food, but there are a lot of foods out there made for the smaller dog.

To see what dog food I recommend please read the following post. http://yourchihuahua.com/my-chihuahua-is-a-picky-eater-what-do-i-feed-her.html


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