Kim’s (brief) puppy love

kim-kardashian-chi Kim Kardashian found a stray chihuahua puppy to keep her company while her boyfriend Reggie Bush is away during football season.  Kim found the puppy outside a nail salon, and after failing to find the owners, decided to keep the dog.  She named her Princess and accessorized with a pink toy and a bed.  It wasn’t until Kim’s mom suggested it that she brought the dog to a vet, where she got bad news.  Princess needed emergency surgery on her uterus and will need round the clock care after she recovers from surgery.  Kim realized it would be too much work for her and gave up the dog to a vet’s assistant who offered to adopt her.  “I know that I’ve only had Princess for a really short period of time, but I actually love her,” she said.  The experience with Princess inspired Kim to become a volunteer at a local shelter.

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