What should I do if we can no longer care for our dog?

I had animal control pick up my moms chihuahua (bambi) yesterday as she bit an elderly woman in her senior complex. my mom is elderly too and is unable to tend to the dog and train her. nor can I because I have 4 inhouse cat and no yard for the dog. I feel terrible as the dog will be put to sleep at the end of 10 days quarantine.

Please please please contact Chihuahua Rescue and Transport: www.chihuahua-rescue.org. I volunteer for them, but here on the east coast. It’s a national organization, they should have contacts out west. I found another organization online: http://www.chihuahuarescue.com/, they are in CA. They should know someone who can pull the chihuahua out and send it to a foster home. This is such an unfortunate situation.



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