What is the soft spot on top of my chihuahua’s head?

My chihuahua puppy has a very small soft spot on top of his head between his ears. Is this something I should worry about? Will it close eventually?

The soft spot is called a molera. Human babies have it too. Basically, babies (and puppies) are born with a slightly open skull so they can pass through the mother’s birth canal without too much pressure on the skull and brain. Usually the molera closes on its own, but it can stay open forever in some chihuahuas. It’s nothing to worry about, just take reasonable care in not having your chihuahua hit his head in that spot. Then again, chihuahuas are so small, getting hit on the head with or without a molera is probably not good, so take care regardless.


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May 7, 2008

kris :

i read on a article about chihuahua’s that all chihuahua’s have a soft spot their born with them they won’t close up but don’t be really worryed abbout just make shure it doesn’t get bumped on the head if it get’s bumped on that spot it will die so it’s good if you don’t have any children in the house or other dogs so it won’t play to rough but i’m shure your chiuahuah’s very helthy just be carefull about it.

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July 1, 2008

Carla :

I have a 9 week old chihuahua baby girl and she is the smallest in the litter but she still has her soft spot and her brother ans sister do NOT, is she in danger, and how long should i wait to take her to the vet if it doenst close up ? thank

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July 1, 2008

Cindy :

Your baby girl is not in danger. It’s ok that she has a soft spot even though her siblings do not. It may never close up. I have a chihuahua whose soft spot never closed, although it’s noticeably smaller now because her head has gotten bigger as she grew up. She is 10 years old now and perfectly healthy, so your chihuahua will live a normal life. Just special precaution so she doesn’t fall and hit her head on a sharp object. For example, if you let her onto the couch, move the coffee table away so she doesn’t hit her head on it if she jumps down.

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March 18, 2009

steve :

my chihuahua is 6 wks old it has a larger than normal soft spot that is on forehead and over right eye is this too big or abnormal and will it close??

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June 25, 2017

Lori Bishop :

I have a 10 year old Chihuahua named Lola. I got her when she was 10 days old and bottle fed her. When she was a little over 6 weeks old she got bit in the top of the head on her soft spot. Her head immediately started swelling. My regular vet said he was not equipt to treat a injury that severe so he recommended taking her to the nearest emergency vet clinic The River in Chattanooga 45 min away. By the time I got her to the clinic her head was swollen so bad that her eyes were swollen shut and and she was screaming in pain. They took her back for about 30 min then finally someone came out and called me back to a treatment room. As soon as I walked thru the for I saw her collar laying on a steal table and I automatically thought she was dead and I flipped out. But they told me she was not dead but her prognosis was grim and they recommended putting her to sleep. I had a video of her on my phone from the day before of her playing in a pile of leaves. I showed the video to them and begged them to save my baby. When I came back the next morning she was in a tent, on a heating pad, with a IV and on morphine. My kids and I would go every morning for first visitation then hang out all day at a local park so we could see her on every visitation. At one point they told me she would probably be blind for the rest of her life. But 4 days, 1 blood transfusion and $1,115.00 later my little miracle was brought out and put down on the floor and walked to me. I guess what I am trying to say is a Chihuahua getting a head injury is NOT a death sentence. Please if there’s anyway possible take them to a emergency clinic and insist on them doing everything they can to save your baby.

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