My chihuahua puppy fell and hit his head, will he be ok?

My boyfriend put my 3 1/2 lbs chihuahua in the bed of the truck while he was working outside(it was parked) because he didn’t want him running off. well he jumped out and hit his head on the concrete. He whined put he’s eating and drinking fine and his pupils are of equal size but his head is really swollen on the side he hit it on. he also cries if you touch it. I’m going to take him to the vet but i wanted to know if he’s going to be ok?

He’s probably going to be ok, since he’s moving and eating, also it is to be expected that there should be some swelling since he did hit his head on the concrete from some height. Still, it is very important that you bring him to the vet asap (like today, if you can get him in). The vet will need to do a more careful examination to make sure there are no internal injuries. In the meantime, monitor your chihuahua closely. Watch out for lethargy, dizziness or vomiting.

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