My chihuahua has black stool

I have a 5 month old chihuahua, and for about a week off and on her poop has been straight black. Should I go get her tested for parasites??

Black poop is usually a sign of blood in the stool. This can be caused by a number of things such as bacterial colitis or an ulcer, but it could just be a change in diet. Are you feeding her anything different? Is your dog acting healthy otherwise? If she has appetite loss, fever, vomiting or is acting lethargic, then it’s especially important that you bring her to the vet. These symptoms can be signs of an bacterial infection. Some parasites will also cause dark stools such as hookworms. If it’s been a week, I would bring her to the vet, just to be sure.



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January 24, 2009

hilary :

My puppy is also 5 months and also had black stools. I asked the vet about it and he told me not to worry. She has been eating a bit of canned food lateley which is probably why!

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