How often should I feed my chihuahua?

I just got a female chihuahua puppy, how often should I feed her?

If your chihuahua is not overweight, then the best thing to do is to leave out dry food and let her eat it all day. This method is good because she has access to food all day and she can keep up her metabolism, this is especially good for puppies. If leaving food out all day doesn’t work for you because, for example like me, you have one hungry fast eater and one slow eater, then feed twice a day. Divide the amount of food you would normally give the dog each day, give one half in the morning as breakfast and the other half in the evening as dinner. Feeding twice a day is preferable to once a day because it keeps the dog’s metabolism at a more constant level thoughout the day. I encourage slow eaters to eat faster by removing the food after 15-20 minutes. After several times of doing this, they learn to focus on eating during feeding times instead of playing around.


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