How do I get my chihuahua puppy to stop biting?

Hi my dog almost 2 months old. I know she is just a puppy but the biting us is killing me. We replace our hands or feet with a toy and tell her no but she goes right back to biting. Not only does it hurt but im afraid she is going to be aggressive to us and others and I want to avoid that. I would appreciate your advice.

That’s a great question, and I’m glad you are thinking ahead, because a biting puppy can become aggressive if uncorrected. First, you must stop all wrestling and tug-o-war games with her, anything that encourages her to pull or bite with her teeth should not be allowed. If you play fetch, she must drop the toy in front of you before you continue playing, or if you pull it away from her mouth, you do it purposely to get the toy back and don’t let that part become a game.

We have to use the language of a mother dog when we discipline puppies. When your puppy bites, you should say OUCH loudly like you’ve been hurt and grab her by the scuff of her neck and give her a little shake. Speak in a low, menacing voice and say “no” firmly. If she resists and goes back to biting, you shake her a little harder until she submits by relaxing her body, rolling over onto her back, or just becomes still. If she doesn’t do that on her own, then you make her do it by rolling her over onto her back and keeping her still in that position until she relaxes. Then you stop playing with her. This may sound harsh, but this is the way a mother dog would deal with her biting puppy.

It is also a good idea to teach her some basic obedience, one simple command “sit” would do. First it gives her something constructive to concentrate on that doesn’t involve biting. Secondly, you can use it to enforce discipline. Once she learns to sit, you should use it before you feed her, giving her a treat, letting her sit on your lap, getting a toy. This reinforces that you are the leader of the pack and everything is a privilege. This practice will come in very handy as your puppy grows.


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