How can I stop my chihuahua from crying when I leave?

I just picked up by 8 week old female chihuahua. She cries if she is in her crate and cries when you put her down. When I went out yesterday she cried, cried and cried. What should I do to help her? It breaks my heart to hear her cry and my downstairs tenants say they can here her. Please help me with suggestions.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about the crying, it’s really like getting a real newborn baby. Don’t worry about what your neighbor says. If your building allows dogs, then it’s your right to have dogs. If you gave birth to a newborn, would they complain about your baby?

Your chihuahua is crying because she misses her mother and her littermates, she’s not used to being alone. She will do this for a few days until she gets settled in. In the meantime, I would keep her close by as much as possible without holding her all the time (otherwise she will get used to it). Keep her in her crate when you are home, and put lots of toys and chew toys inside for her. Don’t forget water. Let her get used to being by herself and learn that the crate is a wonderful, magical place full of warm blankets, stuffed animals, other toys and treats. Don’t pick her up every time she cries.

When you’re away, leave the TV or radio on for her. The weather or local news channel is good, because it’s human voices without too much loud and unexpected noises. You can practice “leaving her” at night with her by leaving the house for 5 mins, then coming back for her, and then leaving for 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, etc. She has to learn that you’ll come back for her and that it’s ok to be alone.


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