Dealing with leaving your pet behind on vacation

I am going on vacation without my long hair chi. He will be staying at the doggie hotel back home. I am really unsure about leaving him and how he is going to react. I can’t bring him with me and he is so attached to me, as I am to him to. I’m sure he will be fine, but! Any suggestions?

I know how you feel, I panic every time I go travel too because I feel so bad leaving my babies. I’m lucky in that so far I have been able to count on friends and family to dog sit for me, but I know it’s not easy to find someone trustworthy who’s willing to do such a big favor.

Have you visited this doggie hotel? If you’ve personally visited and have a good gut feeling about the place, I would not worry, but you must visit and talk to the staff and make sure they understand your dog’s needs. If your chihuahua is friendly, you can ask if they can keep your dog in the reception area or in the office with the people, so your dog can be around people. A lot of kennels keep the smaller dogs in the office. You should also make sure that they don’t let your chihuahua play with the bigger breeds because your dog can get hurt if the other dogs play rough. Other than that, if the staff seems nice and caring, the place looks and smells and clean, and the other dogs look well cared for, then go for it.

I would not worry about how your chihuahua feels. He will probably feel sad just because you’re not around, and you can’t help that. Dogs adapt very quickly. I’ve had many rescue dogs come into my home and they find their place immediately. They’re not like us, they don’t analyze every situation. They take what they’re given and make the best of it. Dogs are very resourceful that way. So as long as you know he’ll be safe in the kennel, that’s all that you have to worry about.


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