Chihuahua therapy dogs

I’ve always thought chihuahuas would make great therapy dogs because they are portable, natural lap dogs and have entertaining personalities. They could easily share a patient’s bed and sit on the laps of children or very weak patients. Last week there were several news stories that featured chihuahuas as therapy dogs.

Earl and Tinkerbell are part of the Paws for Patients pet therapy program in Arizona, his owner says their visits allow the patients to forget their medical problems temporarily and have something else to talk about:
Go to article “Chihuahua pair perks up patients”

Dancer is a tiny chihuahua from Florida who is applying to be the world’s smallest certified therapy dog in the Guiness Book of World Records. Last year he tried for the world’s smallest dog by length or height, but was beat out by even smaller competition. Let’s hope his new skills earn him a title this time around. The article includes an adorable video of Dancer at work:
Go to article “Edged out for world-smallest-pooch title, tiny dog gets job skills”


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