Can you help me choose a chihuahua name? (part one)

Hi, I’m getting a black and white chihuahua soon and i don’t have any names planned. Please help!

I recently wrote an article on how to choose a name for your chihuahua in Squidoo. I’m reposting the content here:

KISS – Keep it simple and short
Choose a short name that rolls off the tongue easily. One or two syllable names with the emphasis on the first syllable work best. Max is better than Maximillian. Nixon is better than Former President Richard Nixon (I know a cat with this name). A two-syllable name ending in “y” or “ee” sound is popular for chihuahuas, ex: Sadey, Zoe, Fergie, Daisy, Casey, Harley, and Maybe.

Don’t confuse your dog
Make sure the name doesn’t rhyme with a command or another person’s name in your household. It’s hard for a dog to distinguish between “Moe” and “no”, “Scottie” and “potty”. If your roommate’s name is Liz, then it’s best not to name your dog Giz.

Honor your chihuahua’s heritage
Spanish names are popular with chihuahuas, some are tried and true like Chico, Rico, Pancho, Bonita, Chiquita and Coco. Here are some fresher ones to consider: Isla, Maya, Tequila, Paz, Bella, Dali, Teo, and Orlando.

Get to know your dog
Don’t feel pressured to come up with a name on the first day. Spend a week with your dog and see what vibe you get from him/her. An easy way to choose a name is based on physical attributes like size, color, and markings. Tiny, Pixie, Pebbles, Tinkerbelle and Neutron emphasize the chihuahua’s small size. Apple is a great name for a chihuahua with a perfect apple head. A beautiful red mane can inspire the name Crimson, Ruby or Scarlett, and Blue is a fitting name for a chi with a rare gray coat. Sable and Brownie are two popular names for brown chihuahuas. A black and white chihuahua can be named Oreo, Domino, or Moo (think cows). Based on your chihuahua’s disposition and personality, you can choose a name like Sunny, Angel, Cuddles, Feist, Sweet Pea, Comet, and Flash.

Continued in part two


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